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A City - mobile, networked, worth living in!


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Solutions for a sustainable city

Growing mobility and logistics in the course of urbanisation are understood as the cause of the problem and are made part of the solution. The aim is to simplify the everyday lives of city dwellers by intelligent and environmentally friendly services. The portfolio containing all of the services and offerings that are necessary to create a single, intelligent network between transport infrastructures, mobility and logistics. The synergies connecting these products ensure they can become practical additions to existing infrastructures, and they have a particularly important role to play in the first and last miles of a journey.

Smart City products

##News: Smart City Partnership with Cologne

On September, 9th 2019 the City of Cologne, Nahverkehr Rheinland GmbH and Deutsche Bahn AG agreed on a "Smart City Memorandum of Understanding".

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On-Demand shuttle service

Giving everyone flexible access to mobility – the ioki mission.

Building on mobility analytics, ioki knows the right way to deliver successful on-demand mobility, integrated into existing public transport services and always with an eye to the future of autonomous driving. End customers can use an app to order this dynamic shuttle service when they need it, and it operates without a predefined timetable or routes. As an addition to public transport, ioki represents an intelligent solution for providing transport on the first and last miles of a journey.

ioki is a white label solution that provides a total package, consisting of mobility analysis, an operating system for on-demand mobility, and consulting for planning and launching operations. Vehicle concepts are all designed to complement one another and be combined in a flexible manner.

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Stations as a places

Stations function as a focal point for urban living

To create appealing locations in the heart of our towns and cities, Smart City | DB aims to enhance the attractiveness of stations further. Safety and cleanliness are essential if a space is to guarantee quality of experience. Smart City | DB's goal is to generate a positive atmosphere. This entails the use of appropriate colour schemes, lighting and furnishings, and it also includes plans for greenery at stations.

Alongside the enhanced appeal of these sites, the project also focuses on developing and implementing new usage concepts such as coworking, smart lockers and multi-use pop-up spaces. Together, these can turn stations into places that are at the heart of our urban lives.

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Coworking at stations

Arrive, start working and meet people

Responding to the revolution in the world of employment, Smart City | DB's coworking spaces offer a network of attractive, station-based facilities that include everything from full-scale offices to single desks. The comfortable, flexible and inspiring working spaces provide a welcome addition to conventional working environments (be they at the office or at home), and they establish coworking as another important element in our third place product.

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Smart Locker – central location, large network

Cross-provider, automated handover points for last-mile services

Smart City | DB opens up a convenient, time-saving way for people to pick up goods and orders as they go about their normal day-to-day activities. If a delivery company uses smart lockers, users can collect their items from the centrally located, customer-specified station whenever it suits them. Smart Locker are located on the daily routes and are thus an enrichment for commuters, residents and visitors of the station.


Urban Analytics - from gut feeling to a well-founded decision

Development of new and strategic potentials

Urban Analytics put the finishing touch to the Smart City | DB portfolio. Based on location, mobility and logistics data, the potential of new products is estimated and suitable locations and service areas are identified and evaluated. The results help to plan and develop our portfolio in line with requirements. Based on the analyses, cities can be intensively advised and an integration into existing urban structures can be ensured.

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